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Sauce Labs offers Beta programs for new features that you can join if you are a current Sauce customer and meet the qualifications for the program you're interested in. This page lists all our current Beta programs, if you are interested in joining one of these programs please contact our Product Team.

Current Beta Programs

Extended Team Management (xTM) Job VisibilityExtended Team Management (xTM) introduces a new, simplified organization structure. With xTM, visibility into test data will be aligned to the new organization structure: users will be able to search jobs by teams and users in teams. Furthermore, new enhancement allows for increased security and compliance by optionally disallowing visibility into test data between teams. This beta program provides an opportunity to use the new features and provide feedback. Please note: The archives page is not included in this beta.May 2019
W3C Compliant SeleniumSelenium 3.11 includes changes to the Selenium desired capabilities that are part of the W3C standard, and will be released in Selenium 4. This program provides an opportunity to use the new capabilities of Selenium 4, and to understand the process of adapting your current scripts to be compliant with the new W3C protocol.Q2 2018
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