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There will always be flaky tests, and tests that once breezed through with no problem can fail for what seems like no reason. The trick is figuring out whether a test that fails does so because it found a real problem in your app functionality, or because there was an issue with the test itself. 

The best way to handle this problem is to log your failing tests into a database and then analyze them. Even tests that fail intermittently with no apparent cause may turn out to have a pattern when you are able to analyze them in detail and as a larger data set. If this is beyond the scope of your testing setup, the next best strategy is to log your failing cases into a log file that records the browser, version, and operating system for those tests, and then retry those tests. If they continue to fail after a second or third retry, chances are that the issue is with the functionality you're testing, rather than the test itself. This isn't a total solution for dealing with flakes, but it should help you get closer to the source of the problem.