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We’re proud to announce the initial release of our improved UX for Real Device Testing on Sauce Labs! This release is the first round of efforts aiming to improve and consolidate the user experience between our current platform ( and our legacy Real Device Cloud (RDC) platform (TestObject). This is a huge user experience shift and listed below are some changes you should expect to see:

What's Changing:

Users will now be able to access the following from their Sauce Labs account:

  • Appium and Selenium test automation for both virtual and real device projects.

  • Access to public and private real devices.

  • Access to Extended Team Management.

  • Access to Sauce Connect Proxy (and also IPSec VPN for enterprise customers).

    • As an extra compliance measure, Sauce is offering a feature that restricts the use of public real devices with Sauce Connect Tunnels or IPSec VPN. This setting is controlled by the organization administrator. To read more about the solution see the details on this page: Enable Sauce Connect Proxy/IPSec VPN for Public Cloud Devices.

Why This Matters:

In the upcoming weeks we plan to roll out more features as they are vetted and tested, so stay tuned for more product announcements regarding the new Real Device Testing experience.

For those of you migrating from our Legacy TestObject platform, there is a helpful guide to get you started, see Legacy Real Device Platform Migration Guide.

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