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Sauce Labs continually strives to provide our customers with the most up-to-date and innovative products in support of their continuous testing journey. As such, we have made a number of updates to expand and improve the metrics captured in our Sauce Performance tool. These updates are available now and include:

Performance Score

A weighted average of performance metrics. Helps users track team progress. View the Scoring Details for information on how each Performance audit is weighted.

Time to Interactive

New representation of how quickly users have a reliably good experience after the initial page load begins

Time to CPU Idle 

How long it takes for the CPU to process all of the page information

Estimated Input Latency

Input responsiveness is a key factor in how users perceive the performance of your app

Life-like User Conditions

To provide accurate performance measurements, Sauce Performance automatically waits until the CPU is idle after each page load. Although this may nominally increase test execution time in some cases, you’ll gain the ability to go beyond single page metrics and obtain true insight into your customers’ experience across your entire site before ever going live.

Optimize Your Sauce Performance Experience

Additionally, we have developed a Sauce Performance Best Practices and Good to Know Guide. This quick reference guide will help you optimize and experience the full value of Sauce Performance. 

Get Started

To start using Sauce Performance, contact sales today for a Proof of Concept. 

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