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Sauce Labs is pleased to announce the release of Sauce Connect Proxy 4.5.4!

This release includes these changes. Use the download links to get that latest and previous versions.

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New Features

  • Public Certificates: (Virtual Cloud Only) There is a new Sauce Connect command-line argument that allows users to require that Sauce Labs internal tunneling infrastructure uses Certificates signed by a Certificate Authority (CA) rather than self-signed certificates. 
    • The new option is as follows: "--tunnel-cert public" (without the quotes). 
    • The Operating System on which SC runs needs to have its certificate store set up correctly. Here are some details per Operating System:
      • Linux:
        • OpenSSL stores CA certificates, which are accessed by the Sauce Connect Client
        • The default OpenSSL certificates directory can be found using: openssl version -d
        • Set the SSL_CERT_DIR environment variable to this folder or another containing certificates in PEM format
        • You can also set the SSL_CERT_FILE environment variable to a file of certificates in PEM format
        • The command line to update certificates is: update-ca-certificates
      • Windows:
      • OSX:
        • Certificates will be read from the MacOS Keychain Access automatically
        • Alternatively, if the Homebrew OpenSSL package is installed, the default cert.pem file can be used: `--tunnel-cainfo /usr/local/etc/openssl/cert.pem`

    • Public Certificate Support for Real Device Cloud and Headless Cloud are coming soon!
    • Note that Sauce Labs has never considered using self-signed certs on our internal tunneling infrastructure to be a security risk because our public signing key is pinned inside of Sauce Connect client. However, some customers' security scans flag the internal self-signed certs, and we are doing this to satisfy these customers and as a best practice.

Bug Fixes

  • The characters used in Tunnel identifiers must now be only ASCII, so that the Sauce Labs WebUI will work correctly
  • We removed the ANSII color codes from the Sauce Connect log, for readability reasons

Jun 25 2019