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We are very excited to announce support for IPSec VPN on Sauce Labs virtual platforms. IPSec VPN is an industry standard technology to connect two private clouds securely over the Internet. An IPSec VPN tunnel between Sauce Labs and your private network allows Sauce virtual machines to access application servers hosted in your private network. 
IPSec VPN is an alternative to Sauce Connect. Both solutions provide similar functionality and security. The below table summarizes some of the differences.

-IPSec VPNSauce Connect
SolutionIndustry standardProprietary
Target CustomersEnterpriseAll
Supported Sauce PlatformsVirtual platforms - Desktops, Android emulators, iOS simulatorsAll

To learn more about IPSec VPN please refer to the documentation or reach out to your Customer Success manager.

Note: Sauce customers with existing VPN connections to Sauce real device or virtual platforms are not impacted by this new feature and can continue using the existing solutions.

Happy testing,
Chandra Yalangi
Product Manager

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