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Sauce Labs is pleased to announce the release of Sauce Connect Proxy 4.5.2.


  • Sauce Connect will print a user friendly error instead of a call stack when an invalid path is provided to --logfile argument.

  • Input validation of tunnel domains, direct domains and No-SSL-bump domains arguments. Domain arguments with the asterisk wildcard character in the middle for e.g. dev*.local will fail input validation. The optional asterisk wildcard character can only be at the beginning of the domain name.

  • Added input validation for --pac argument. Sauce Connect will print an error and terminate when a relative PAC file path is provided.

Bug fixes

  • Updated PAC file parser to fix intermittent parsing errors on startup.

  • Fixed an issue where Sauce Connect exits with status code 0 when invalid arguments are provided, Sauce Connect will now exit with status code 1.

  • Fixed an issue where Sauce Connect takes a minute to shutdown when an invalid tunnel domain, direct domain or No-SSL-bump domain is passed.

  • Fixed an issue where Sauce Connect fails to check for updates when -x argument is used.