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We are very excited to announce beta support for a new Sauce Connect backend. The new backend provides better support for testing iOS applications that access servers with self-signed certificates. The new backend contains significant changes that effect all platforms - desktop browsers, virtual and real devices. Users are strongly encouraged to beta test it. Beta testing will ensure that your build and test pipelines are not impacted when we cut over to the new backend on November 15th.  

Primary benefit of the new Sauce Connect backend

App Transport Security (ATS) or Apple’s best practices for network security are enabled by default in all iOS applications built for iOS 9.0 and above. However, currently it is not possible to test these apps on Sauce when they access servers with self-signed certificates. You either need to install a publicly trusted certificate on the servers or add ATS exceptions for the domains in your app. The new backend allows you to test iOS apps as is with servers using self-signed certificates.

How to beta test the new backend?

Simply add --vm-version beta to your Sauce Connect command line. Any Sauce Connect client version can be used.

Please email for assistance with technical issues during the beta. 

Happy Testing,
Chandra Yalangi
Product Manager - Sauce Connect, Emulators and Simulators