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Sauce Labs is happy to announce the beta release for the new Live Testing user interface. The New Live Testing UI provides an integrated interface for manual testing across desktops, emulators, simulators and real devices from one unified platform on

The integrated Live Testing UI is a major step towards a unified platform for the Sauce Labs and TestObject services.

The new Live Testing UI is built using the latest and greatest UI technologies, brining major performance and user experience improvements, among these:

  • New Web and App Live Testing capabilities
  • New Desktop Browser selectors
  • New Emulators and Simulators selectors
  • New Real Device Live Testing for Native Apps and Web testing





  • I’m a user, will I have access to real devices?
    Yes. A real devices trial account (on will be created for you. It will allow you to access six different mobile device models on

  • I have a user, will I have access to real devices?
    Yes. To access your projects and apps you will need to contact support to link your existing user with the new live testing user.

  • Can I use my Sauce Connect Tunnels for all device types?
    Desktop and emulators/simulators share the same Sauce Connect Tunnels. You are required to launch dedicated tunnels for RDC.

  • How do I add Mobile Apps for RDC Live Testing?
    Mobile apps are managed on, click on “Mobile Apps → Manage Apps” this will log you into where you can manage your applications.

  • Can I test Mobile Apps on emulators / simulators?
    Yes. However, you are required to use the REST API to upload your app to sauce storage and set your app desired capabilities first.

To join the beta please contact your customer success manager or

Happy Testing!
Asaf Saar
Director of Product Management