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We have updated Sauce Connect to inject Job ID and Tunnel ID as part of HTTP request headers. With this update, Sauce users have the ability to inspect the request header outside of Sauce connect and identify if the request came through Sauce Connect or not. 

For example, if there is a forward proxy server receiving requests from Sauce Connect and forwarding it to a site under test or if the site under test is logging the request headers then Sauce users can now look at the forward proxy or the site under test server access logs to identify if a request came through a specific Sauce Connect instance. They should enable request header logging in their servers for this to work.

The IDs are also available in the Sauce Connect logs. 

To enable this capability, Sauce users should start Sauce Connect Proxy ( version 4.4.6) with the following command line options 
./sc -u srini_p -k **** -v --logfile idsinr.txt --extra-info '{"inject_job_id":true}'

In the logs, the job id and tunnel id will appear in the header as below: 
20170525 162659.840 [2411] PROXY HTTP header 'X-SL-Chef-IP': ''
20170525 162659.840 [2411] PROXY HTTP header 'X-SL-Job-ID': 'b27cb05e01864627b7f4f10b4b8482e2'
20170525 162659.841 [2411] PROXY HTTP header 'X-SL-Tunnel-ID': ‘0142a93e8c514326bf3e5180fe418bb0’