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Dear Sauce User,

We're making an update to how tests without an appiumVersion specified in the device capabilities are handled on Sauce. Currently, if an Appium version isn't specified, we return a default version of Appium depending on what type of test is being run. If it is a mobile web test, we use Appium version 1.4.16, and if it is a mobile app test, we use Appium version 0.18.2. 

Going forward, we're going to continue providing this default Appium version behavior, but with a few changes: 

  • The default version will now always be the latest possible for that combination (e.g. running either a web or mobile app test on iOS 10.0 will bring up Appium 1.6.3). 
  • On release of new versions of Appium (e.g. 1.6.4), Sauce will wait 1 week before updating the default version to the new latest. This provides a window of time for customers who rely on the default version to check for compatibility against their test suite. 

This change helps customers to run their tests using the latest and most up-to-date version of Appium and the drivers it contains. If the latest version isn't the best option for your tests, you can run tests against a specific version using the appiumVersion device capability. Sauce recommends that customers both validate and set a specific appiumVersion as a part of the test framework. 

For more information, please visit either our documentationKB article, or platform configurator

Chiarng Lin
Product Manager, Mobile Cloud

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